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<drillBit> Element

The <drillBit> element represents a DrillBit component that is used by the parent dependency resolver. At least one <drillBit> element is required when using a dependency resolver that requires the usage of DrillBit components, such as the default dependency resolver.


  • enabled - Optional. The value may be true or false. When true, the DrillBit is enabled and may be read and parsed. When false, the DrillBit is disabled it will act as though it does not exist in the configuration if an attempt is made to read and parse it.
  • name - Required. The name of the DrillBit. The name is used to uniquely identify the DrillBit component during error handling. Depending upon the implementation of the DrillBit component, the name may also be used as the name of its internal resolver component such as a DI container.
  • type - Required. The value must be the assembly-qualified type name of a type that implements the Drill.Extensibility.IDrillBit interface or the Drill.Extensibility.IDrillBitFactory interface. When a valid value is configured, the specified type (or the type created by the factory) is used as the DrillBit component implementation.

Child Elements

The <drillBit> element may contain one <cfgSources> element.

Parent Elements

The <drillBit> element is contained within the <drillBits> element.

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