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Get Drill now with NuGet

Getting started with Drill is easy. Simply install Drill using the NuGet packages listed below. The best way to get started is to install one of the DrillBit packages which will include the core Drill library, the selected DrillBit library and any dependencies.

Get Drill with the Autofac DrillBit:
PM> Install-Package Drill.DrillBits.Autofac

Get Drill with the StructureMap DrillBit:
PM> Install-Package Drill.DrillBits.StructureMap

Get Drill with the Unity DrillBit:
PM> Install-Package Drill.DrillBits.Unity

Get the core Drill package:
PM> Install-Package Drill

Get Common Service Locator adapter for Drill:
PM> Install-Package Drill.Integration.CommonServiceLocator

Get Drill ASP.NET integration:
PM> Install-Package Drill.Integration.Web

Get Drill ASP.NET MVC integration:
PM> Install-Package Drill.Integration.Web.MVC

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