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Installing Drill into a Project

The easiest way to install Drill into a project is to use one or more of the available Drill NuGet packages. Typically, you will install one of the DrillBit packages:
  • Drill.DrillBits.Autofac
  • Drill.DrillBits.StructureMap
  • Drill.DrillBits.Unity
These packages will install the core Drill package containing the Drill.dll assembly, the specific DrillBit package containing the Drill.DrillBits.X.dll assembly (where X is Autofac, StructureMap or Unity) and the specific dependency assemblies (e.g. Autofac's assemblies, StructureMap's assemblies or Unity's assemblies).

ASP.NET Web Applications

If you are using Drill in an ASP.NET web application, you may also choose the install the Drill.Integration.Web package which will add the Drill.Integration.Web.dll assembly that adds support for properly resolving System.Web.HttpContextBase using the supplied HttpContextLocator class.

ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

If you are using Drill in an ASP.NET MVC web application, you may also choose the install the Drill.Integration.Web.Mvc package which will add the Drill.Integration.Web.Mvc.dll assembly that adds a custom controller factory decorator implementation that attempts to resolve controllers using Drill before defaulting to the previous or default implementation.

ASP.NET MVC web applications will also likely benefit from the Drill.Integration.Web package as well, but it is not required. NOTE: In a future maintenance release, the Drill.Integration.Web package will be added as a dependency of the Drill.Integration.Web.Mvc package.

Common Service Locator Support

If your application is using the Microsoft Common Service Locator, you can install the Drill.Integration.CommonServiceLocator package which will add the Drill.Integration.CommonServiceLocator.dll assembly that includes the ServiceLocatorAdapter adapter class that adapts Drill's IDependencyResolver interface to the Common Service Locator's IServiceLocator interface.

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