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Required References and Late Binding

When you install any of the Drill NuGet packages, all of the assemblies in the package and its dependent packages will be directly referenced by your project. This is not optimal or required and will likely be addressed using a more automated method in a future release of Drill.

The following Drill assemblies should be referenced directly by your application when the appropriate packages are installed:
  • Drill.dll
  • Drill.Integration.CommonServiceLocator
  • Drill.Integration.Web
  • Drill.Integration.Web.Mvc
The DrillBit assemblies and their dependencies are not required to be referenced directly by your application because they are loaded using late binding. In fact, it is better if your application does not have a hard reference to these assemblies because it enables the application to be more flexible, configurable. Depending on your development, build and test environment, it may be unavoidable to have hard references to these dependent assemblies if there is not a way for the environment(s) to ensure that the late-bound assemblies are copied into the appropriate directories as needed.

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