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Drill Roadmap/Futures

I have some ideas to start forming a road map for Drill. Right now this reads more like an idea page.
  • Fluent Registration API - I have started working on a feature in isolation from the main line that is a fluent registration interface. It is designed to register types in a DrillBit's underlying resolver object, which is usually a container, but the fluent registration interface is container-agnostic. I currently have a working interface, basic implementation and working integration with Unity supporting registering concrete types, mapped types, named or unnamed, with a specific lifetime/scope (transient, singleton) and with constructor injection. This is still under development but I have been wanting to build this for quite some time so this may get into the main line sooner rather than later. :-)
  • Generated Code Docs - I need to figure out a plan to automatically generate code documentation from the code doc XML in the source during the automated builds using something like Sandcastle. This is not a feature per se, but a need nonetheless.

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