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<searchPath> Element

The <searchPath> element represents a relative path part that is used to determine the full path to a directory containing configuration files used by DrillBits within the same parent dependency resolver. The <searchPath> element is optional.


  • enabled - Optional. The value may be true or false. When true, the search path is enabled and may be read and parsed. When false, the search path is disabled it will act as though it does not exist in the configuration if an attempt is made to read and parse it.
  • path - Required. The value must be a relative path part. The value is used along with the value produced by any <rootPathProvider> elements configured for the same parent dependency resolver as well as the value of a DrillBit config source that represents a filename, which may or may not also contain relative path parts.

Child Elements

The <searchPath> element has no supported child elements.

Parent Elements

The <searchPath> element is contained within the <searchPaths> element.

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